St. John's Sister Parish: San Juan Diego Catholic Church

In the year 1994 a group from St. John, led by the Senior Pastor, took a trip to the Texas-Mexico border. A week and a half was spent with the Sister Parish and Border Witness Programs. The aim was to get to know one another, sharing meals, living in their homes and to strengthen each others faith in God.

The Parish is in El Flaco, TX. They are Catholic, and we, Lutheran. We live together, worship and commune together. St. John has had four Pastors and many parishioners make the trip south, and many from El Flaco have made the trip north.

El Flaco is a very poor, Spanish speaking community. Since our "adopting" them as our Sister Parish, they have built a church and an education building. Our youth have been to El Flaco twice for service missions, as well as teaching Bible School.

Blankets and heaters, as well as church furniture, have been shared with our brothers and sisters of the south. Most importantly, however, we share our love and prayers.


  January 2021  
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