Mission Festival

          Mission Festival

St John members were successful in collecting enough money
to build two Houses for Health in Tanzania. The cost for each home
was $4,000.00.

These will be small 2 room homes, to keep a family dry and warm
as they try to recover from HIV, Malaria, or TB.
Bob Kaseworm, now living in Tanzania, and formerly employed by
Allegiant Health, Omaha, developed this concept in correlation with
Nebraska ELCA.

St. John has also completed a five year project to put a Tanzanian
man through Seminary.  He will graduate at the end of this year
and become a Pastor.  A letter of thanks to the congregation was read by him at
Mission Festival.  Aloys and his family received both tuition for
Seminary, and family support for  he and the family of six.

Services, Adult Forum, with guest speakers, and a noon luncheon
made a Festive Day at St. John.   Praise the Lord.