Ernesto Medina

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Ernesto is currently filling in as Senior Pastor for St. John. They may call him a 'transitional' pastor, but he has sure made Beatrice his home. He and his wife Susan hail from Omaha where they've lived for over a decade.


Rev. Leah Lawson

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Pr. Leah, originally from Georgia, came to St. John in Beatrice in 2017. You probably would have seen her out and about visiting members in our community or leading worship at one of three regular services provided outside the St. John walls. Her latest adventure is "The Confirmation Show with Pastor Leah". It's catching on and will probably be picked up by Netflix any day.

Coordinator of Education & Youth Ministry

Heidi Price

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Heidi Price is a Beatrice native who's been with St. John since April of 2014. Currently she is in charge of coordinating education of all ages and youth ministry. She is an amazing teacher with an amazing spirit! 

Director of Music

Erin Blake

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Erin Blake has been the coordinator and chief of music here at St. John since 2018. We are lucky to have a full time musician on staff and the wonderful music we enjoy is a testament to her hard work to make each week special. We would be ammiss to not mention Cindy, our accompanist, who works with all four of our choirs.

Administrative Assistant

Jeannie Thomas

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Jeanie Thomas, the person who secretly runs the show around here, has been at St. John since 2011. We're going to have to put in a request to change her title to something more fitting, like "All Powerful Keeper of the Keys and Accounts".

Communications Assistant

Anna Francis

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Anna Francis moved to Beatrice in 2012. She was a substitute teacher for 7 years before taking the secretary position at St. John in the fall of 2019. Since then she has taken over all communications, so if you have questions or submissions for the website, St. John's Facebook or twitter, announcements, calendar, or other communications in general, please feel free to call or email.

Assistant Director of Music

Jean Spilker

Jean Spilker is in charge of arranging St. John's contemporary services. Her groupies include the members of the St. John's Band and the Mana Youth Band. You can catch them bringing down the house at the 11:15 services.


Pat Jeardoe

Patrick is our part time maintenance man. He may groan when you say, "Hey, could you fix..." but the answer is always, "Well, I'll go look." He grew up in Hebron, Ne and graduated from SCC Milford with a Electromechanical Degree. He also works full time for the city of Beatrice.


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